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November 2012; The book = "S Went Surfing"

From the title, we know S goes surfing, but what about A? C? L, M, N, O, and P? My kids absolutely love finding out and following each letter throughout their Hawaiian holiday off from school. Written with a fun rhythm and alliteration, learning the alphabet has never been so fun! Kids of all ages will love to read this book aloud and have it read aloud to them. Each page is wonderfully inventive and includes additional objects that begin with that letter. In the process, kids also get to explore Hawai'i-from Hanalei Pier, to Volcanoes National Park. S Went Surfing is a whimsical, imaginative alphabet book sure to become a family favorite. It's educational and entertaining which are two things I look for in Children's book. The cost is about $12 on Amazon for a new book. Well worth the money.
xx Gretchen
Gretchen Schomer Wendel, author of the award winning series of Children's Books, "Becka and the Big Bubble"
posted by 11/07/12

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